Security Bulletins and Advisories

by Chris Davis, on Sep 10, 2019 5:43:00 AM

ADVISORY SUMMARY OpenEMR is a widely used open source medical records management tool. The latest version at the time of this research was 5.0.1(6), older versions are believed but unconfirmed …

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Vulnerabilities:Cross-site ScriptingArbitrary Remote Code Execution

by Jason Gay, on Jul 30, 2019 10:16:40 AM

ADVISORY SUMMARY AeroGrow International is a company that produces consumer hydroponic growing hardware for plants (e.g., herbs, vegetables, and flowers). The hardware product can be controlled with a mobile application …

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Vulnerabilities:Incorrect Access ControlsInsecure Network Transmission

by Priyank Nigam, on Jul 25, 2019 11:22:55 AM

ADVISORY SUMMARY Dolibarr ERP & CRM is an open source and free software package that manages companies, freelancers, and foundations. The project’s official website is The latest version of …

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Vulnerabilities:Cross-site ScriptingRemote Code Execution

by Chris Davis, on Jul 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM

ADVISORY SUMMARY InterSystems Corporation is a software systems and technology vendor for government, business, and healthcare industries. The InterSystems Caché application is a high-performance object database. The latest version at …

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Vulnerabilities:Stored Cross-site ScriptingReflected Cross-site Scripting

by Thiago Campos, on May 14, 2019 9:42:57 AM

Product Vendor Tegile Systems/Western Digital Product Description Tegile IntelliFlash is an enterprise storage solution, encompassing flash and hybrid arrays designed to deliver performance and economics for a wide range of …

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Vulnerabilities:Password Exposure

by Priyank Nigam, on Apr 11, 2019 11:24:16 AM

Note: A full-length proof of concept is intentionally not being disclosed in the below advisory. Product Vendor Greyhound Lines Inc. (owned by FirstGroup America Inc. – a subsidiary of FirstGroup …

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Vulnerabilities:Insufficient Authentication Controls

by Chris Davis, on Mar 8, 2019 12:41:18 PM

Product Vendor Cantemo AB Product Description Cantemo AB is a software systems and technology vendor for major media outlets. The Cantemo Portal application is a high-performance media asset management tool …

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Vulnerabilities:Stored Cross-site ScriptingCross-site Scripting

by Matt Hamilton, on Feb 21, 2019 10:42:58 AM

Product Vendor Simple Finance Technology Corp. Product Description Simple – Better Banking is an Android application that provides banking services for The project’s official website is The latest …

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Vulnerabilities:Sensitive Information Disclosure

by Priyank Nigam, on Feb 19, 2019 12:30:25 PM

Product Vendor National Railroad Passenger Corporation Product Description The Amtrak mobile application acts a personal kiosk for mobile e-ticketing and guest rewards management. The application can be downloaded from the …

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Vulnerabilities:Sensitive Information DisclosureAuthentication Bypass

by Nicolas Serra, on Feb 4, 2019 8:46:42 AM

Product Description OpenMRS is a collaborative open-source project through which users can develop software to support healthcare in developing countries. In 2017, OpenMRS was implemented on more than 3,000 sites …

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Vulnerabilities:Insecure Object Deserialization

by Bastien Faure, on Jan 15, 2019 1:09:16 PM

Product Description From the vendor’s website: “Silverpeas is an open source WEB platform that improves the collaboration between the actors of a company or organization.” Silverpeas is widely used by many …

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Vulnerabilities:Path Traversal

by Alex Leahu, on Nov 30, 2018 11:28:00 AM

Product Description PhpSpreadsheet is a library written in pure PHP that provides a set of classes allowing users to read from and write to different spreadsheet file formats, such as …

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Vulnerabilities:XXE injection

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