Nicolas Serra

Nicolas Serra

Nicolas Serra (AQSA, CEI, CCNA, CEH) is a Security Associate at Bishop Fox. In this role, he focuses on application penetration testing, internal penetration testing, and physical penetration testing. Nicolas is an active member of the security research community and has recently discovered CVE-2017-6087, CVE-2017-6088, CVE-2017-6089, CVE-2017-6090, CVE-2018-4864, CVE-2018-4865, and CVE-2018-4866. He founded the French computer security community and developed a web platform used by the French National Center for Scientific Research since 2012. He was also a finalist for the Nuit Du Hack CTF competition in 2010 and 2011.

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by Nicolas Serra, on Feb 4, 2019 8:46:42 AM

Product Description OpenMRS is a collaborative open-source project through which users can develop software to support healthcare in developing countries. In 2017, OpenMRS was implemented on more than 3,000 sites …

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Vulnerabilities:Insecure Object Deserialization

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