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Security Should Be Application-Specific

I'm looking for the perfect pants. They’re brown. They’re sturdy. They’re business casual. They have many huge pockets, artfully arranged so that I don’t look like a pack rat even after I stash my stuff in them. They don't cost a fortune. And of course, they fit me perfectly.

Vulnerable by Design: Understanding Server-Side Request Forgery

Sometimes, walls get in the way, and when that happens, we need a door. A door needs a proper lock, or a security vulnerability may result. Server-side request forgery (SSRF) vulnerabilities can manifest in a number of ways, but usually it’s because a door was installed without a lock.

AirDroid: How Much Do Your Apps Know?

The AirDroid app for Android has surpassed 20 million downloads from the Google Play store and has received raving reviews from the likes of USA Today and Lifehacker. The app’s function is to help a user organize his or her life by providing the remote ability to send text messages, edit files, manage other apps, and even perform GPS tracking.