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How to Engineer Secure Things: Past Mistakes and Future Advice

Things are all the rage right now — more specifically, connected and embedded things. As a result of the increasing demand for connectivity and the decreasing cost of hardware, engineers and developers are pushing computing power and connectivity into everyday things — refrigerators, light bulbs, TVs, cars, and other devices. Companies are under constant pressure to send things out quickly and into the hands of users. Security often becomes an afterthought. To say Internet of Things security is often lacking is an understatement. 

The Triad Triumph: Bishop Fox Remains a Top Place to Work

Bishop Fox has been named by the Arizona Republic as a Top Place to Work in their annual survey - for not the first or second time, no, but the third time in a row. This award is reserved for “companies with commendable workplace practices and which received high scores in terms of employee engagement and satisfaction.” We’re in good company with many household names, and we’re honored to be included among them.

The Power of 'Agile' Security at Dun & Bradstreet

Interview with Jon Rose, Dun & Bradstreet 

In this wide-ranging cybersecurity expert interview, Bishop Fox Partner Vincent Liu chats with the CSO of Dun & Bradstreet, Jon Rose. The two discuss the commercialization of security, the road to becoming a CSO and how agile helped his security team take control of day-to-day activities and better manage priorities.