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Hot New ‘Anonymous’ Chat App Hijacks Millions of Contact Data

By now, you may have heard the about Sarahah, the new anonymous chat application that’s gone viral around the world.

Bug Bounties & Beyond: An Interview With HackerOne's Mårten Mickos

Mårten Mickos is the CEO of the popular bug bounty platform HackerOne. He recently chatted with Vincent Liu about his nontraditional background as well as his views on transparency and the need to democratize security.

Breaking Drone Defenses: Using Chicken Wire to Defeat Net Projectile-Based Products

The majority of practical drone defense products/solutions currently available use a net projectile of some kind.  These nets are typically very light weight, and wouldn't be heavy enough to drag down their intended targets.  Instead, they are designed to get tangled in the propellers of the 'rogue drone' being targeted in order to disable it (or make it crash).