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A Primer to Red Teaming

Download the full-length version of the guide including case studies and an introduction to our social engineering services here


In order to fully understand red teaming, it might be best to first decouple it from penetration testing. The two are often conflated, and that only serves to lessen the quality of the decision-making around which to choose.

The Latest in Security Style Guide Happenings

The Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide has been constantly evolving since its initial rollout in February 2018. It’s undergone one other iteration (v1.1, which you can find here) – until now, that is.

My Path to Security - How Matt Frost Got Into Cybersecurity

An ongoing look at why and how our Foxes started their career in security. This is the third installment of the series. 

How 'Small' Security Errors Lead to a Security Breach

A collaboration between Timehop and Bishop Fox. 

Download the PDF version here

Fresh off the July 4th holiday, news broke that popular social media aggregator Timehop had been breached. Potentially devastating news? Certainly, a breach ranks among every organization’s worst nightmares.

A Guide to AWS S3 Buckets Security

Download our corresponding how-to guide here

The Threat of Poor AWS S3 Buckets Security

If your organization uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is extremely important to understand AWS S3 buckets security. Configuring your S3 buckets the right way can mean the difference between business as usual and nearly catastrophic data leaks. If you’ve noticed in the past few years, AWS S3 data leaks are not uncommon – and it’s fairly probable that your organization is not immune to them. They have affected high-profile organizations like Verizon, Accenture, and several others in recent memory.