Greg Mortensen and Joe Sechman

Greg Mortensen and Joe Sechman

Greg Mortensen, principal data scientist in Bishop Fox's Product R&D, has been working in information security and data analytics for nearly 30 years and served on the President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Subcommittee on Internet and Communications Resilience to make recommendations on botnet defense. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Joe Sechman brings over 20 years of experience to his role as Associate VP of Product Research and Development, where he is responsible for providing the strategic vision for Bishop Fox's Continuous Attack Surface Testing (CAST) managed service offering. Joe holds several security certifications and has co-authored multiple industry publications with groups such as HP and IEEE. Additionally, Joe is a prolific inventor with five patents pending and five granted patents in the fields of dynamic and runtime application security testing, attack surface enumeration, and coverage. (U.S. Patents 10,515,219, 10,516,692, 10,515,220, 10,423,793, and 9,846,781) Prior to joining Bishop Fox, Joe held leadership positions with companies such as Cobalt Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Royal Philips, and Sunera LLC (now Focal Point Data Risk). Earlier in his career, Joe served as the lead penetration tester within SPI Labs at SPI Dynamics. Joe received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia.

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INTRODUCTION When it comes to pen testing projects, precisely identifying a target’s underlying technologies is trivial. Accurately identifying hundreds of thousands of technologies, on a continuous, ongoing basis, isn't. Improving …

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