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Bishop Fox is a “Top Place to Work” — And Here's Why

Here are some facts about our global Internet security consulting firm, Bishop Fox.

A Week in the Life of a Pen Tester

The professional (and personal) life of the pen tester is one of great joys and great tragedies. There are ego-inflating accomplishments quickly followed by crushing sorrows. There are stacked cans of Red Bull, nights spent staring wide-eyed at a computer screen, and secretive shower crying sessions. Maybe when someone asks you “Well, what is pen testing anyway?” you reply with a wince and say, “pain.”

Examining The Impact Of Heartbleed

On April 10, Bishop Fox Security Analyst Tim Sapio was published in Dark Reading - hot on the tails of the discovery of the Heartbleed vulnerability. Tim discussed the vulnerability's implications as well as how Internet users could take measures to protect themselves.

An Introspection On Intro Security

We would like to thank everyone who read our original LinkedIn Intro blog post and those of you who spent extra time examining the security and privacy issues at hand. A couple of more interesting analyses pointed out to us are from Jordan Wright and Troy Hunt – they do a great job of exploring Intro in more detail.  In particular, Troy was able to put in words our thoughts on “speculation” better than we could have ourselves.

LinkedIn 'Intro'duces Insecurity

Don't make the mistake of thinking you're [the] customer, you're not – you're the product.

Guide to Hardening Your Firefox Browser in OS X

Your Mac systems and software might be safe – until they connect to the Internet. Here are some tips for Firefox hardening in OS X.

[spacer size="5"]
[download id="977" format="5"]While many enterprises and end-users turn to Apple over Windows based on Apple’s reputation for security, there is little doubt that the web is the primary point of infection for most Macs. Just a few years ago, using a Mac might have helped users avoid being targeted. But today, with the emergence of advanced persistent threats and highly-skilled, well-funded attack teams, the OS X environment is no longer safer than any other endpoint, especially through its browser.

Quick Intro to NotInMyBackYard Diggity

So, most likely you’ve just read the article in USA Today and are wondering what exactly is this “NotInMyBackYard Diggity” tool? What does it do, and how can it help me? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

SSL Key Generation Weaknesses

For those that are new to PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) or those that want a quick refresher, the following video is a great explanation and metaphor based on colors and clocks:

Whether the problem is influenced more by Moore's Law or by Murphy's Law, history tells us that every so often there is a publicly disclosed key generation flaw in a popular encryption algorithm. For example:

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