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My Path to Security - How Joe Ward Got Into Cybersecurity

An ongoing look at why and how our Foxes started their career in security. This is the fourth installment of the series. 

The Latest in Security Style Guide Happenings

The Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide has been constantly evolving since its initial rollout in February 2018. It’s undergone one other iteration (v1.1, which you can find here) – until now, that is.

My Path to Security - How Kelly Albrink Got Into Cybersecurity

Name: Kelly Albrink

My Weekend With the Foxes

In this write-up, Security Analyst Chris D. describes the first few months of his job at Bishop Fox. 

My Time at NetWars Tournament of Champions


Each and every December, some of the best and brightest hackers from around the world travel to Washington D.C. for the NetWars Tournament of Champions. Champion golfers may have their prestigious green sportscoats, but NetWars champions receive the coveted black hoodie.

My Life at Bishop Fox

I’m picky about where I work. I don’t like companies that seem to run an internship program simply because everyone else has one. Bishop Fox proved to me that it’s possible to find an impactful, rewarding, and fun internship outside of the traditional options.

We're Humbled; We're Grateful; Thank You

Fresh off the celebration of our 11th-year anniversary, we at Bishop Fox would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us arrive where we are now. We are grateful to our clients and humbled by their continued faith in us, and offer our sincere gratitude to them.

The Triad Triumph: Bishop Fox Remains a Top Place to Work

Bishop Fox has been named by the Arizona Republic as a Top Place to Work in their annual survey - for not the first or second time, no, but the third time in a row. This award is reserved for “companies with commendable workplace practices and which received high scores in terms of employee engagement and satisfaction.” We’re in good company with many household names, and we’re honored to be included among them.

Bishop Fox is Still a Top Place to Work

Well, this feels a little like déjà vu, doesn’t it? Last year, we proudly announced that we were named by CareerBuilder as a Top Place to Work For in Arizona. This year, the same is true once again.

Bishop Fox Does Vegas: 2014 Style

Each summer, the most innovative minds in the infosec industry gather in Las Vegas to discuss new findings, research, and tools. They appear at conferences like Black Hat USA and Security B-Sides Las Vegas. What transpires at these events often makes headlines and stays in people’s minds long after the summer has ended.

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