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Password Security: The Good, the Bad, and the "Never Should Have Happened"

Download the Bishop Fox password security guide here. 

Introduction to Password Security 

While most organizations have a password policy that sounds technically secure, hardly any have a policy that benefits the organization, encourages strong passwords, and improves overall security. It’s time to stop requiring capital letters, numbers, special characters, and frequent password updates. We are here to correct the outdated, misleading, and muddled logic when it comes to what makes a password secure.

The 12 Days of Security

If you've been following our actions on social media lately, you'll notice we did a "12 Days of Security" series of cybersecurity tips for how to stay secure around the holidays. The below is a recap of the updates.

What the Newly Drafted NIST Password Guidelines Mean to You

Passwords are security’s primary pain in the neck. They are a source of stress, strife, and sometimes humor. And the debate surrounding “best practices” about them may never fully end in our lifetime.

A Guide to Choosing the Right VPN

NOTE: There is no conflict of interest in the following content. The products in this VPN guide were chosen strictly as a result of research. We received no compensation from any of the creators of our recommended VPNs.

On Apple, Encryption, and Privacy: A Word About Decryption

In February 2016, Apple announced that it would fight the FBI’s court order to break the encryption of the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino attackers. We wrote a blog post on that decision; this is a follow-up to that original piece.

On Apple, Encryption, and Privacy

In the wake of news that Apple plans to oppose a federal court order to assist the Justice Department in decrypting data stored on an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino attackers, a broader conversation about encryption, privacy, and law enforcement has begun.