Hacker Halted USA 2012 - Speaker Panel- How to Make End Users Smarter About Security - 29Oct2012

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Speaker: Bishop Fox

Francis Brown will be participating in the speaker panel How to Make End Users Smarter About Security at Hacker Halted USA 2012, Oct 29, 2012 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, FL.

Abstract :

No matter how much money is spent on security technology, many major breaches – including those at RSA, Sony, and Zappos.com – begin with a single user breaking security policy to click on an email attachment or download a suspicious Web file. With so many breaches in the news and so many resources devoted to enterprise security, why do end users continue to make the same dumb mistakes and continue to be drawn in by the same tired social engineering schemes?

In this hard-hitting panel discussion, leading experts in social engineering and phishing attacks will offer a look at the most common methods used to fool enterprise employees, and the potential impact of users’ failure to maintain good security policy. The speakers will also offer a look at enterprise security awareness programs, pointing out the flaws in many current programs and making concrete recommendations on how to build security awareness and testing programs that work – and make end users more savvy about their online behavior.

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