Bsides PDX - Resistance Networks - Sept2013

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Speaker: Bishop Fox

Drew Porter will be presenting Communication For All: The Dusknet Project at BSides PDX September 27, 2013 in Portland, OR.

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Resistance Networks - You Are Much Louder Than You Think
Take a moment and think about how you would communicate if the government shutdown access to the Internet. Universities and humanitarian groups have been researching how to access the Internet should this scenario arise. This research was accelerated when access was cut off from the public during the Arab springs, but the footprint of these new access methods was not widely discussed. The government finds new networks via footprints, and that is why it is essential to be informed on what footprints look like when someone is trying to keep communication suppressed. From phone lines to power lines, from wireless mesh to packet radio - each method of Internet access has a unique footprint. This talk will cover how to view these network footprints, and discuss the tough topic of making them more difficult to find.

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