Interop ITX - Defeating Social Engineering, BECs & Phishing

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Over 90 percent of cyber attacks start the same way: with a phishing message. Attackers slip all manner of malware into your organization just by convincing users -- even admin-level users in the IT department -- to click on a link. Fraudsters carrying out business email compromise attacks are even more clever, forgoing malware and malicious links altogether, and scamming companies out of $47 million, $75 million and more, simply by asking for it the right way. Social engineering is, at the very least, how attackers get their foot in the door, and at worst, how they get away with your crown jewels.

Managing Security Associate Rob Ragan and Senior Security Analyst Alex DeFreese will share some of the attackers' new tricks and how to protect your organization against them at Interop ITX - Defeating Social Engineering, BECs & Phishing.



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