DEF CON 25 - Weaponizing Machine Learning: Humanity Was Overrated Anyway

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Speaker: Bishop Fox

At risk of appearing like mad scientists, reveling in our latest unholy creation, we proudly introduce you to DeepHack: the open-source hacking AI. This bot learns how to break into web applications using a neural network, trial-and-error, and a frightening disregard for humankind.

DeepHack can ruin your day without any prior knowledge of apps, databases - or really anything else. Using just one algorithm, it learns how to exploit multiple kinds of vulnerabilities, opening the door for a host of hacking artificial intelligence systems in the future.

This is only the beginning of the end, though. AI-based hacking tools are emerging as a class of technology that pentesters have yet to fully explore. We guarantee that you'll be either writing machine learning hacking tools next year, or desperately attempting to defend against them.

No longer relegated just to the domain of evil geniuses, the inevitable AI dystopia is accessible to you today! So join us and we'll demonstrate how you too can help usher in the destruction of humanity by building weaponized machine learning systems of your own - unless time travelers from the future don't stop us first.

Senior Security Associate Dan "AltF4" Petro and Security Analyst Ben Morris will be featured speakers at DEF CON 25 - Weaponizing Machine Learning: Humanity Was Overrated Anyway.


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