(ISC)2 Phoenix – Let's Play a Game: Why Incident Response Matters

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While ransomware continues to make headlines, there are numerous other evolving threats that organizations face today. Many organizations are not prepared to defend against emerging threats; some are still scrambling to address vulnerabilities from their last incident. The problem is not because their organizations lack the latest technologies, it's because they haven't developed an incident response plan.

The incident response plan should serve as a go-to guide for how to react to common threats and zero-day vulnerabilities. In the hour of need, this document means the difference between survival and stagnation.

In this talk, I will discuss various incident response frameworks and help you choose the right one for your organization. I will review a model plan and process, as well as explain tactical steps your organization can take against specific threats. Finally, I will demonstrate the Bishop Fox Incident Response Tabletop Game that you can use to create tabletop exercises to ensure your team is ready for what the future brings.

Senior Security Associate Andy Jordan presents Let's Play a Game: Why Incident Response Matters - ISC(2) Phoenix Chapter - Q3 Professional Development Event



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