DeadDrop SF Meetup - Better Red Than Dead: Elegant Weapons For A More Civilized Age

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Speaker: Bishop Fox

Feel the power to brute-force sub-domains, with accuracy, at the rate of the entire English dictionary in less than 90 seconds. Learn to fly the Danger Drone, a pentesting quadcopter that takes wireless hacking and remote code execution to the sky. And, most importantly, learn advanced red team techniques from the dark side. In this talk, we’ll share a few of our favorite stories from the front lines as well as our choice of tools for reconnaissance, physical attacks, and evasion techniques. We’ll also demonstrate tools such as GoGoDNS, the Tastic RFID Thief, and, yes, even the Danger Drone. You’ll walk away with insight into how to be a better security professional and how to ensure you’re enabled to simulate the latest emerging threats.

Managing Security Associate Rob Ragan and Security Analyst Kelly Albrink will discuss red teaming tools, techniques, and war stories in the Better Red Than Dead: Elegant Weapons For a More Civilized Age talk at the DeadDrop SF Meetup on Thursday, October 26, 2017.


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