SOURCE Mesa - Security Needs a Style Guide and Here's V1

Date & Time: Feb 28 - March 1, 2018
Location: Mesa, AZ
Speaker: Brianne Hughes

Security is complicated to understand and so is its vocabulary. To help sort through the confusion, v1 of the Cybersecurity Style Guide is now a public resource on

No governing body regulates which terms are best or how to write them formally, so it has historically fallen on individual researchers to give it their best shot. This guide started as a short list for consistency between Bishop Fox editors, but it has grown to encompass 1,700 tricky terms to help you sound smart and look professional.

By drawing from historical resources, consultant intuitions, and common outsider pitfalls, we’ve compiled a mighty list that you can now download and adapt to your needs.

Come learn why technical editing is good for business, what kind of feedback we’ve received through our email, and how this new tool can start helping you today.

Technical Editor Brianne Hughes presents at SOURCE Mesa - Security Needs a Style Guide and Here's V1

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