Florian Nivette

Florian Nivette

Florian Nivette (CEH, CHFI, CEI, GSNA) is a Managing Security Associate at Bishop Fox, where he focuses on application and network penetration testing and in-depth OS-level security. Florian is an active security researcher focusing on web applications, with a number of published CVEs (CVE-2018-11349, CVE-2018-11350, CVE-2018-11351, CVE-2018-13407, CVE-2018-11408, CVE-2018-13409, CVE-2017-77737, CVE-2017-5870, and CVE-2017-6086). He is one of the chief organizers of Nuit du Hack CTF, the largest and most well-known capture-the-flag competition in France, which draws thousands of security researchers annually

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Date & Time: April 18, 2019
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Speaker: Florian Nivette

Not only is the media and entertainment industry at the forefront of our culture, but it constitutes a considerable portion of our global economy. It’s how we still receive most …

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