Barrett Darnell, Kelly Albrink and Caleb Gross to Present at DERPCON Virtual Conference

Date & Time: Barrett: April 30, 2020, 1:00 - 5:00pm MST Kelly: May 1, 2020, 11:00am MST Caleb: May 1, 2020, 9:10am MST
Location: Virtual Conference
Speaker: Bishop Fox

We are proud to announce that Bishop Fox security associate Barrett Darnell will be holding a virtual workshop, and both senior security analyst Kelly Albrink and senior security engineer Caleb Gross will be presenting at DERPCON. Bishop Fox is also excited to be a Gold level sponsor of DERPCON. Learn more below.

Getting Your Hands Dirty: CTF Workshop

Presented by Barrett Darnell


Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions range in style and difficulty but each and every CTF offers a wealth of knowledge for any participant.  In the talk: Demystifying CTFs, Barrett Darnell will provide an overview of CTF formats, the skills they require and the experience they develop, and conclude with a plethora of CTF resources for those wanting to participate.  The main focus of the talk will be relating how both technical and non-technical skills learned through CTF participation can be applied to real world information security challenges.  The target audience for this talk are those who are interested in playing CTFs and would like to maximize the value from them.


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Ham Hacks: Breaking into the World of Software Defined Radio

Presented by Kelly Albrink


RF Signals are basically magic. They unlock our cars, power our phones, and transmit our memes. You’re probably familiar with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but what happens when you encounter a more obscure radio protocol? If you’re a hacker who has always been too afraid of RF protocols to try getting into SDRs, or you have a HackRF collecting dust in your closet, this talk will show you the ropes. This content is for penetration testers and security researchers to introduce you to finding, capturing, and reverse engineering RF signals. 

I’ll cover the basics of RF so you’re familiar with the terminology and concepts needed to navigate the wireless world. We’ll compare SDR hardware from the $20 RTLSDR all the way up to the higher end radios, so you get the equipment that you need without wasting money. I’ll introduce some of the software you’ll need to interact with and analyze RF signals. And then we’ll tie it all together with a step by step demonstration of locating, capturing, and reverse engineering a car key fob signal.

* You don’t need any special equipment for this presentation, just follow along with the demos.


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.NET Roulette: Exploiting Insecure Deserialization in Telerik UI

Presented by Caleb Gross


So you're pentesting a .NET application, and you notice the server is deserializing user input—great! You know this is bad in theory, but have no idea how to actually get a shell in time for the engagement. This talk will bring you up to speed on how .NET deserialization works and how to get shells on real applications.

In this presentation, we'll dig into the internals of CVE-2019-18935, a deserialization vulnerability that allows RCE on the popular web UI suite Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX. After demonstrating how to exploit this issue step-by-step, you'll learn a hands-on approach to debugging a locally running ASP.NET application, quickly assessing the site's attack surface, and examining possible avenues for finding and exploiting insecure uses of deserialization. This talk is intended for penetration testers and security researchers who'd like to begin testing deserialization vulnerabilities in .NET software.


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