Bishop Fox Sponsors and Presents at 2021 Virtual CactusCon 9

Date & Time: February 5-6, 2021
Location: Virtual
Speaker: Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox was proud to be a major sponsor of CactcusCon 9, the largest annual hacker and security conference in Arizona, which was virtual for 2021. 

The conference kicked off on February 5th with a Capture the Flag event presented by Bishop Fox senior operator Barrett Darnell

Bishop Fox vice president of consulting, Andrew Wilson presented "Reverse Engineering Websites," highlighting the concepts, strategies, and specific methods he has used to learn the inner workings of websites for exploitation. Dan Petro, lead researcher, gave a talk titled, “Stealing a Password Through Interpretive Dance and Other Wild Video Game Hacks” where he dropped six really fun remotely exploitable hacks for Super Smash Bros: Melee and Magic: The Gathering open source applications and libraries. Videos of the presentations are below.

With this year’s conference going virtual, CactusCon attracted thousands of attendees for high-quality presentations, keynotes, workshops, and opportunities to engage with other members of the security community.

Stealing a Password Through Interpretive Dance and Other Wild Video Game Hacks


Reverse Engineering Websites 

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