Priyank Nigam to Present at Denver ISSA Virtual Chapter Meeting

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM MST
Location: Virtual Conference
Speaker: Priyank Nigam

We are proud to announce that Bishop Fox senior security consultant Priyank Nigam will be presenting RF Hacking 101 – Signal Analysis and Replay Attacks at the Denver ISSA Chapter Meeting on June 9th, 2020.

This will be a virtual meeting. Below is a Youtube link you will need to dial into the meeting. The link will populate with the live presentation.

Denver ISSA YouTube Channel

RF Hacking 101 – Signal Analysis and Replay Attacks


RF-based systems are all omnipresent these days. These are used in various walks of life ranging from non-critical use-cases, such as a wireless doorbell, to critical use cases like home security systems. These devices abound in the industrial world as well. However, most of them aren’t designed with security in mind. Or if they are, their security features are rarely well-exercised.

This presentation offers an applied tutorial on reverse engineering unknown radio-based protocols and do replay and frequency jamming type attacks on real world targets. I will do a crash course on digital radio fundamentals and RF communication and move on to the analysis part. These techniques can be applied to any RF-based system using proprietary protocols.

Even though some automated frameworks and more performant hardware can abstract a good deal of this analysis, it is always helpful to be able to do this manually. Attendees will learn how to manually reverse engineer proprietary RF protocols using GQRX, YARDStick One, and RTL-based hardware. They will become familiar with the common RF modulation schemes and how to accurately interpret them. The session also includes a beginner’s introduction to programming the YARDStick One (a RF transceiver) using python. Attendees will leave the session with the knowledge of how to use a keen eye and take a hands-on approach to address the security of RF systems.

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