RedSec Atlanta 2: Sipping & Security

Date & Time: Thursday, September 26, 2019 4pm-8pm
Location: New Realm Brewing, 550 Somerset Terrace NE #101 Atlanta, GA 30306
Speaker: Oscar Salazar and Austin Whipple

Bishop Fox is excited to attend RedSec 2 this September.  We will even get to see our very own Oscar Salazar present!

RedSec meetings are a great way to connect with other offensive security professionals in the Atlanta area while listening to informative speakers and enjoying good food and drink.  Check out the presentations:

Monoliths to Microservices to Kubernetes: Traps to Avoid While Moving to a Sane Orchestration Platform
Austin Whipple will do a dive into pitfalls and vulnerabilities found specific to the handling of a monolith application, the migration to microservices, and the use of kubernetes. He'll be talking about what mistakes to avoid, what gotchas he's encountered, tips for the migrations, and benefits he's noticed. 

Pose a Threat: How Perceptual Analysis Helps Bug Hunters 
Oscar Salazar will discuss tricks for optimizing the hunt for security exposures. Unlimited storage, scalable serverless infrastructure, and machine learning powered by collaborative filtering will enable us to usher in a new age of visibility into our attack surface. 

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