Rob Ragan and Gwen Castro to Sit on Panels at IG3 West

Date & Time: December 12, 2019, Rob Ragan at 1:30pm, Gwen Castro at 2:55pm
Location: Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, CA
Speaker: Rob Ragan

Bishop Fox Principal Researcher Rob Ragan will be sitting on a panel titled "Tales From The Trenches - Cyber Threat Hunting In The Real-World" at IG3 West.  Key industry panelists will discuss their Cyber Threat experiences and how they achieved tangible, real-world business outcomes by:

  • Easily identifying devices on the network posing the most risk to enterprise
  • Identifying devices across the enterprise that have network access and exploit exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Quickly visualizing where aggressors can pivot following system compromise

Rob will be on at 1:30pm in the Newport room.

Bishop Fox Chief of Staff to CEO Gwen Castro will be sitting on the panel titled "Escalating Cyber Risk from the IT Department to the Boardroom." This panel will discuss why it is important that cybersecurity issues are raised to the highest level of organizations and why executives should understand the risks of cyber attacks.  

Gwen will be on at 2:55pm in the Newport room.

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