A Conversation with Alex Stamos, Charles Carmakal, and Vinnie Liu

Date & Time: On demand
Location: Virtual Zoom
Speaker: Vincent Liu

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Watch Alex Stamos (former CSO at Facebook, co-founder of the Krebs Stamos Group, and advisor to SolarWinds), Charles Carmakal (SVP & CTO of FireEye Mandiant), and Vinnie Liu (CEO at Bishop Fox) as they explore lessons learned from the SolarWinds attack six months ondiscuss the security challenges facing the supply chain, and offer solutions for how to build more resiliency and trust in the software ecosystem. 

Our expert panelists discussed:

  • The surfacing of UNC2452 copycats
  • The new tradecrafts that are at work
  • Weaknesses and new notable intrusions they are seeing in the aftermath of Sunburst
  • Software vendors with potential broadscale impact
  • New software development policies & technical direction
  • How to build a vendor risk management process
  • Implications and impacts of supply chain attacks by role 
  • What we’ve learned about preventing software supply chain attacks 
  • How to audit, evaluate, and prioritize risks for your organization 
  • Guidance on short-term and long-term strategies
  • How we can evolve the software development lifecycle to build better security and trust in products 

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Alex Stamos 
Alex Stamos is a cybersecurity expert, business leader and entrepreneur working to improve the security and safety of the Internet through his teaching and research at Stanford University. He is the Founder and Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory. He is also the co-founder of the Krebs Stamos Group, a cybersecurity consulting firm. Prior to joining Stanford, Alex served as the Chief Security Officer of Facebook. 

Charles Carmakal 
Charles Carmakal, SVP & CTO of FireEye Mandiant, oversees a team that has helped over a thousand organizations respond to complex security breaches orchestrated by foreign governments, organized criminals, and political hacktivists. Charles has 21+ years of experience helping organizations become more resilient to cyber attacks, including significant experience helping Fortune 500 organizations build and enhance security programs to combat advanced attacks. He frequently provides strategic security guidance to executive leadership and boards of directors. 

Vinnie Liu: 
Vinnie Liu is the CEO at Bishop Fox. With over two decades of experience, he is an expert in offensive security and security strategy. Prior to founding Bishop Fox, Vinnie led the Attack & Penetration team for the Global Security unit at Honeywell International. Before that, he was a consultant with the Ernst & Young Advanced Security Centers and an analyst at the National Security Agency. 

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