The Triad Triumph: Bishop Fox Remains a Top Place to Work

by Bishop Fox, on Jun 8, 2016 11:15:06 AM

Bishop Fox has been named by the Arizona Republic as a Top Place to Work in their annual survey - for not the first or second time, no, but the third time in a row. This award is reserved for “companies with commendable workplace practices and which received high scores in terms of employee engagement and satisfaction.” We’re in good company with many household names, and we’re honored to be included among them.

After filling out the survey, 100 percent of our Phoenix-based employees believed that:

  • Management cares about employees’ well-being
  • They are treated like more than simply a number
  • They have fun here, too

It’s one thing to do good work, but it’s another thing to cultivate a good culture while doing it.

“Management genuinely cares about us. We are encouraged to conduct research, present at conferences, and grow our skillset. Hard work is both acknowledged and rewarded,” said David Latimer, a security analyst.

A Constantly Changing World

In this past whirlwind of a decade, we’ve witnessed our industry mature rapidly. As “cybersecurity” has reached buzz-term status and breaches make headlines practically every other day, we’re happy to say we’ve been fighting away at the front lines since Day One.

We’ve observed the change from a reactive security stance to a more proactive approach. It’s no longer a matter of if a company will be hacked, but when. Our consultants collaborate with clients to develop custom solutions for those “when” situations.

And the contentment our consultants feel about their environment is evident in the work they repeatedly produce. As entrepreneur Richard Branson once stated, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

What Does It All Mean?!

We keep providing a welcoming culture to our employees. Even as our team grows (80 Foxes and counting) and we expand to new markets (hello New York City), we've honored our employee-first culture.

That includes celebrating Taco Tuesday (this year with the first-ever TacOlympics), taking ping-pong breaks throughout the day, and hanging out with each other outside of work because we enjoy each other’s company.

Some Bishop Foxes enjoying bubble soccer during Team Week 2016.
Occasionally, team work means playing bubble soccer together.


“I’ve always felt like I could call anyone at the company for help if my car is broken down on the side of the road. Our culture is something that can't be recreated. It’s easy to do your best work when you feel that you are a part of something special,” said Caroline Pugh, a Bishop Fox recruiter.

Our Future is Bright

It’s been 10 years and counting–and the security landscape will only further evolve–but we know that we will continue to provide the best atmosphere for our employees. And by taking care of our people, we take the best possible care of our clients as well.


If you’re interested in working at Bishop Fox, we’re always hiring.

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