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Building a first-of-its kind methodology to quantify the impact of micro-segmentation

Over the last few years, micro-segmentation has become an essential security control for organizations. But until now, the exact impact has never been effectively quantified. In this report, we share an industry-first blueprint for how to measure the efficacy of micro-segmentation based on the main components of the MITRE ATT&CK framework.  

Partnering with Illumio, our red team specialists designed a testing environment and assessment methodology to demonstrate how even a simple environmental separation policy can increase the difficulty of an attacker to reach its target by at least 300%.  

What's inside the report:

  • Learn how Bishop Fox structured the assessment to limit bias and measure the impact of micro-segmentation.
  • Explore the new methodology developed to benchmark the benefits of micro-segmentation solutions.
  • Review the detailed results of six attack simulations run on different workload environments.

Want a quick summary? Rob Ragan, Principal Researcher at Bishop Fox, shares the highlights of the engagement and report in this interview with Illumio's Field CTO, Raghu Nandakumara:










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Quantifying the Efficacy of Micro-Segmentation with Illumio and Bishop Fox

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Quantifying the Efficacy of

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Webinar Highlights 

  • Demonstrate how an attacker’s job gets measurably more difficult  with micro-segmentation
  • Improve your organization’s security posture by eliminating everything but approved pathways
  • Discuss why and how micro-segmentation plays a central role in any Zero Trust strategy