Get started with Software Defined Radio (SDR) in an InfoSec context

Posted on Jan 11, 2019 11:36:56 AM

RF Signals are all around us: unlocking doors, carrying our phone calls, and sending our data. What if you could intercept and listen to these signals? Would you search for spy planes flying over your home? See if your baby monitor is leaking your private conversations to your neighbors? Or maybe just listen to the emergency services radio?

In this talk we'll cover how to get started with Software Defined Radio (SDR) in an InfoSec context. First, we will cover some of the basics of radio communications. Next, we'll go over the hardware and software aspects you need to understand to get started intercepting signals. Finally, we'll share some amazing stories of how people have used SDR to hack into doors, phones, and planes.

Security Analyst Kelly Albrink will present Ham Hacks: Breaking Into Software Defined Radio at the 2019 WOPR Summit.



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