Back End News - Kaspersky Lab Teams Up with Cybersecurity Pros

Posted on Mar 28, 2019 5:12:10 PM

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The upcoming Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS) in Singapore will include the first 'SAS Unplugged' mini-conference composed of workshops, presentations, technical hacks, and career coaching. The Back End News blog article Kaspersky Lab Teams Up with Cybersecurity Pros to Secure the Future of the Security Industry with 'SAS Unplugged' mentions Partner Rob Ragan and Principal Security Associate Oscar Salazar's presentation in 'SAS Unplugged' on how bit squatting domains are abused.

Their Ghost in the Browser: Broad-Scale Espionage with Bitsquatting talk will be held at Kaspersky SAS at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.



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