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Dark Reading Virtual Event - Why Cybercriminals Attack

No matter what industry you’re in, the spectrum of cyber attackers who are targeting you is growing. Financially-motivated cybercriminals, nation-state-sponsored intelligence gatherers, politically-motivated hackers, and even your competitors are among those who might be testing your systems today. In Dark Reading's virtual event, Why Cybercriminals Attack, top industry experts will offer a range of information and insight on who the bad guys are – and why they might be targeting your enterprise.

Dark Reading - Understanding Cyber Attackers and Cyber Threats

Dark Reading’s virtual event “Understanding Cyber Attackers and Cyber Threats” will offer a deeper insight into the "bad guys" of cyberspace and what threats are the most likely to affect your organization.

Dark Reading - Building a Cybersecurity Architecture to Combat Today's Risks

Attack surfaces are growing every day as companies adopt technologies like cloud and the Internet of Things. IT security's traditional 'layered defense" may not be enough to protect organizations.

Dark Reading - Re-Thinking Your Enterprise IT Security Strategy

Dark Reading's virtual event "Re-Thinking Your Enterprise IT Security Strategy" will offer an in-depth look at some of the myths surrounding enterprise data defense – and how new technologies, better architectures and new ways of thinking could put your business on a path to a more effective enterprise security strategy.

Better Cloud - Creating a Security Blueprint: A Realistic Approach Using the CIS 20

BetterCloud's webinar - Master the Strategies and Tactics of Leading Cloud IT Pros - will feature tactical sessions with step-by-step approaches to better your IT environment and strategical sessions to learn from seasoned IT innovators who are successfully navigating the shift to the cloud.

BetterCloud Blog - How to Recognize and Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

Managing Security Associate Rob Ragan recently participated with several other industry professionals in a social engineering webinar. "As information security practitioners, our goal is to create from a protection where there’s a separation between our assets and the threat, and I think it’s very important to think strategically and long term about what the security strategy is and what the security culture of the organization is going to be," said Ragan during the presentation.

BetterCloud - How to Recognize and Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

What makes us human? Language, empathy, and helpfulness are only a few of the traits that make us unique. However, these fundamental characteristics also leave room for deception.

Dark Reading University - Protecting Back-End Systems

Most attacks on retail and e-commerce websites are conducted by cyber criminals who want to steal large databases of personal information and credentials. In this session, we offer a closer look at the methods used to penetrate a retailer’s back-end systems – including targeted attacks on databases, DDoS “smokescreens” used to obfuscate more sophisticated exploits -- and other surprises that can happen during a DDoS attack.

Dark Reading University - Monitoring Threats and Measuring Risk

Once an online business has shored up its defenses against new threats, it must develop an ongoing program for monitoring its systems for potential compromises – and measuring the risk faced by the business. In this session, we offer tips for building systems and processes for tracking threat and fraud indicators, and for creating real metrics for benchmarking the current threat environment.

Dark Reading University - Protecting the Customer-Facing Website

One of the greatest challenges in e-commerce is to build a website that is extremely easy for customers to access and use – but extremely difficult for online criminals to attack. In this session, we offer an overview of defenses against Internet-based threats -- including DDoS attacks, DNS exploits, and cross-site scripting – to help enterprises steel their sites against potential compromise.

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